Netzsch strikes into peristaltic market

Positive displacement pump system provider, Netzsch Pumps North America, has announced that it’s coming into the peristaltic market with the introduction of its PERIPRO pump, designed to handle complex media.
The PERIPRO peristaltic pumps don’t have any valves or mechanical seals and the one wear part is the hose.
The Netzsch PERIPRO delivers low and large circulate rates at a variety of pressures and is a strong and powerful pump in a place to deal with viscous and abrasive media even at high pressures. The company says the pumps have a long working life, are easy to make use of, and enable 30% power savings in comparability with different hose pumps due to their specialist design.
The PERIPRO peristaltic pumps have only a few wear components. There aren’t เกวัดแรงดันน้ำ or mechanical seals and the one put on part is the hose, which has high levels of sturdiness because of an innovative manufacturing process. In addition, the pumps are insensitive to dry running, require 90% much less lubricant than other peristaltic pumps and allow very excessive metering accuracy. Depending on the sphere of utility, the PERIPRO is obtainable in numerous variations to cowl the needs of consumers.