Hydraulic Institute appoints new board and officers

The Hydraulic Institute (HI) introduced a model new management group in the course of the association’s latest 2022 Annual Conference.
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The 2022–2023 HI officers are:
DeLancey Davis, president, Headwater Companies and VP Franklin Electric: HI board chairman
Brian Sweeney, president, Crane Pumps & Systems: HI board president
Scott King, president of the Gorman-Rupp Co: HI treasurer
Rob Phillips, VP Global Engineering at Flowserve Corp: HI secretary
Three new members joined the HI board:
Ansell Sims, president, Grundfos
Julian Atchia, vp of Research & Development, SJE-Rhombus
Randy Bennett, vp of Technology & Operations, Leistritz Advanced Technologies
Two vice chairman positions were also confirmed by the HI:
Scott Tystad, educational leader, Pentair: vice president of HI Education
Mike Ketchum, vp of Sales and Business Development, Iwaki America Inc: vice chairman of HI Membership
The board of administrators will provide organizational oversight to HI and guide the course of the North American association’s strategic plan.